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Interview with Fulvia Ruata, Pasta Natura


The Asian market holds great potential for gluten free products, so did Pasta Natura notice as well. With their vegan, organic and gluten free pasta they are exhibiting at Free From Food Asia to start the promotion overseas. Why they want to start exports to Asia, you’ll read it in this interview with Fulvia Ruata, salesmanager at Pasta Natura.  


Could you briefly introduce Pasta Natura and its USP?

Our company is located in Villafalletto few kilometers away from Cuneo, one of the most important Piedmonts city. All around our production site several hectares are devoted to the cultivation of different crops such as corn, rice, buckwheat, chickpeas, peas, beans, lentils, oats, hemp, chestnuts and walnuts, which will be transformed in flour and employed for the production of our Pasta.


 ‘Directly from the seed to your table’ our slogan sum up our core business: planting, growing, harvesting, drying, grain milling, flours’ transformation, pasta production, packing, shipment and sale.


Our gluten free pasta is born from the passion of the good food of the Italian culinary tradition and from the desire to discover new tastes. The mood has been ‘let’s focus on what we can eat and not on what we can’t eat’. By adding water, it is possible to obtain highly digestible, nutrient, protein, low glycaemic index, whole and healthy product. The bronze drawn creates a rougher product with exceptional cooking performance, thanks to the slow drying process at low temperatures, preserving organoleptic and nutritional properties, and keeping the natural raw materials colour and taste.


Our main goal is to satisfy our consumers, by knowing different lifestyles and global needs, trying constantly to improve ourselves.


Knowledge and experience rated to food enhancement, for nutrition, by thinking to pasta in a new and tasty way, trying to offer always “something more”.


Our products hold Gluten free, organic (organic USDA) and vegan certifications.


What attracts you to the Asian market? What wants and needs are you hoping to meet in Asia with your product?

We think that our product could have a great potential in Asian Market. We produce only Gluten Free Vegan products and we have all the certificates as gluten free, bio, vegan, kosher, halal, ifs. We have noticed a big Asian market that is attentive for good and healthy food from Europe.


We are interested in participating at this Exhibition in Bangkok because at the moment we are not selling this area even though it is an interesting market for our product. We really hope to find customers to start a long term relationship with and develop a good business together.


Who are you hoping to meet at the expo to help your export to Asia (& the Pacific region)?

We hope to find a distributor or a retailer at Free From Food Asia that can help us grow and bring our product to the right consumer. With the right contact person in the right place and with the right knowledge of the local markets, Pasta Natura can really take off. 


See you at the Free From Food Asia!

Pasta Natura, Mrs. Fulvia Ruata, Salesmanager

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