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Interview with Joana Saavedra, FB Solution
"It is especially important to have a good reputation if you want to be successful"

FB Solution has been a key actor of the F&B industry in Greater China since 2008. Supplier of bakery and pastry solutions for Chefs and F&B professionals for more than a decade, FB Solution is now taking advantage of its strong connections to answer a growing need of theirs: plant-based and gluten free alternatives to widely consumed products – whose demand is fast rising.

Joana Saavedra – in charge of Business Development and International Sales Manager at FB Solution – has cumulated 10 years of experience (mainly in the F&B sector) across Europe, Latin America and more recently China. Initiating and leading FB Solution’s progressive shift towards plant-based and gluten-free products, she analyzes for us the key success factors of this emerging market.

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