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Healthy Food Asia is the exclusive exhibition catering to the Healthy, Organic, Vegan, Plant-Based, Functional, and Free From food trade. It serves as a focal point for Importers, Traders, Retailers, and various distribution channels across ASEAN and Asia Pacific countries.

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Healthy Food Business is becoming more and more important in Asia, often illustrated by Mintel research, given the high rise of a healthy lifestyle, Lactose and Dairy Intolerance among Asian consumers. Vegan is on the rise as one of the mayor trends in the big Asian and Middle East cities with millions and millions of habitants visiting Food Service outlets and ordering online catering every day. Also recent numbers (Euromonitor) indicate that 31% of the total trade is directly interested in buying healthy, free from, organic or vegan food products.

Discover the ultimate destination for procuring cutting-edge and nutritious food products sought after by global buyers. Healthy Food Asia stands as the premier hub in 2024 for fostering lucrative business connections with top suppliers in this industry. Seize the opportunity! Connect with these companies and participate now!

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Segments at the show

Natural Natural
Vegan Vegan
Functional Functional
Superfood Superfood
Organic Organic
Healthy Healthy
You are an important international supplier of Plant-Based, Protein, No Carb, No Sugar, Free From, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Supplements, Organic food: Healthy Food! You should be there in 2024! The right place in Asia as a unique opportunity.

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