Vegan is on the rise as one of the major trends in the big Asia Pacific and Middle East regions with millions and millions of habitants visiting Food Service outlets, Hotels and ordering Online Vegan Catering every day. Recent statistics (Euromonitor) indicate that 31% of the total trade is directly interested in sourcing vegan, free from and organic food products. Meat Free, Meat Replacements and Plant-Based is increasingly popular.

Vegan among the attendees is one of the main category interests when visiting the expo. With this vegan being such a large part of the expo, this year’s Bangkok edition is the best place to discover all the latest development and insights.

Vegan is covering:

• Meat Replacements • Free From Meat • Meat Alternatives • Vegan Supplements • Plant-Based • Free From Seafood
• Egg Free • Milk Free • Soy Milk • Coconut Milk • Dairy Free • No Cow • No Animals • Vegan Snacks and many more Vegan categories.

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