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Our journey began from our love and care for the process and passion combined with the knowledge of cattle farming from Japan with over 60 years of experience in this specific field 

Our partner along with us proudly introduce the method to raising cattle suitable for the geography and environment of Thailand from the very basic necessity from the election of food to included all natural ingredients and proper proportions for the needs of cows to make them “Happy cow” 
Without the concern for the cross contamination which in the industry are sometimes hard to get it under control with many factors involved, our product D-Chan Vitamin Milk are produced using raw milk from a single farm.

Our Process are being done in a closed system with temperature and quality-controlled storage from milking to bottling that can be ensured by quality control standard and by Japanese experts to created the best quality of milk.

“D-Chan Vitamin D Milk” is the product of finest milk that will be delivered to our customer’s doorstep without worrying about any problem since we care about every detail in the processing to quality, freshness and hygiene that make our product so good hence the slogan

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